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Oh paperworks...

I can't imagine that my paperwork is overwhelming. I have so many documents to be accomplished and gather the requirements before submitting them to the immigration and Philippine Consulate. Good thing I am used to this kind of pressure it does help my previous work as a Secretary from a University way back in GenSan. The pressure and deadlines of the requirements should be done immediately. So everything is prioritized. Thank you former boss and former work for you I can handle this pressure.

I can’t wait for this to be over and living a life without paperwork to think, and deadlines to be able to pass the requirement to be legal and everything.

I think I need a vacation for all the work that I will be doing enjoy one of the hotels in york. We both deserve it I guess. I just can’t go without my hubby and son with me. Besides I did all the hard work to make sure that I will be with them forever . 

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