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It's all gone...

I never thought for a single thing that the songs from my IPod will be gone since I transfer or exported it into my hard drive before synchronizing it into my computer. I have Itunes before but since my hard drive was replaced everything is new and I have got to reinstall the software I have for my toys. But after doing all the precautions, it still didn't process the right way. I thought have my songs, however it was too late to find out that it was all gone. Now, I have to make sure that my applications will never been erased and I will never take a risk of doing the wrong procedure I did. 

I better do something that would clear my head from the mistakes I did with my songs. Although I have to rip or do everything again just to store them back in my IPod I guess reading about austin divorce and family law attorney would help me lucid my head. 

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