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Busy Day for All

We all knew that every Valentine's Day every restaurant, store or Cinema in our town is super duper busy. So, what me and hubby decided is to stay at home with our wonderful son. I will cook our dinner maybe watch movie or play Mario in the Wii. Or maybe hang out with our precious child. It's just 4:25pm and I still have to thaw the chicken that I am going to make as Chicken Adobo for supper later. 

While waiting for the complete thaw I have check online regarding Glen Burnie AC. If you do have problems about in your heater at home. Simply visit the website to see what you do really need. They cater mostly anything as long as it is related to heater. 

And for me, I might start cooking that way when hubby gets home we are ready to eat our supper. And to you all with or without love this Valentine's Day. May you have a wonderful 14th Day.


  1. Staying home on Valentines day is good, it saves you from expenses , and at the same time you are able to cook the food you wish to cook.

  2. Yen: so true, you won't be rushing with all this people that needs table so they can eat. don't want to be greedy and stay the whole night while there are millions of others who is waiting for a vacant table....


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