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I still keep dreaming, hoping

That soon enough it is already Spring Season. The temptation of the Sunny Sun outside the house just makes me want to go out and walk. The Sun keeps telling me that we need to go outside and explore with the nature. But we can't if the temperature is below 10F. 

The first thing that we me and my son is going to do when Spring comes is to make sure we spend time at the park. I want to bring him there even though he doesn't know how to walk. Yet, there is a swing where I can teach him and he will eventually learn of what is the joy of being outside. And only if we are in UK we could probably explore caravan holiday parks too.

Oh well, few more weeks and we are done with Winter. Just can't wait for it.


  1. hi nov..spring will be coming so soon and im sure you and your son will enjoy the whole season...Me, I'm still enjoying the winter. I love winter of all the season. We don't have much snow here so everytime there's a little snow fall, I have to enjoy every second of it:-)

    how's the life of a mother? it's been long na wala ta na chikka no? I'm back now in the world of blogging and I hope for good na hehehe

  2. Dito ate ang hope namin mag ka snow, hehe. sawa na kmi sa init.

    btw, ate what is malware? does it mean may vrus ako?waaah????

  3. indeed Novs, spring is my fave season... Ilove it when everything's blooming back to life after the icy season's over.


  4. Carolyn: thank you so much for the visit i really appreciate it... can't wait here na mag spring na kay napuno nami ug i want to go out and stay outside and enjoy the colorful environment....

    uu message me sometime or if you have ym or skype let me know kay aron chika pud ta...

    i am enjoying motherhood and i love it...i am glad you are back now can't wait for more updates from you...

    Yen: hehehe i know the feeling i've been there for years and years, but still at least you'll enjoy the heat of the sun..joke... malware meaning parang scam or something or virus din ata yon....

    webbielady: same here i love the blooming flowers and all...


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