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Still seeking

For work at home that way I could do my responsibility as a mother and a wife to the most valuable people in my life. Why do I need a part time job from home? Because I want to help my husband paying off the bills. Aside from the fact that we still have some debts from Credit card and the mortgage I want us to earn and save that way, we can go for a vacation not only in Philippines but also in other States. Living a life with happiness together with your family is precious. We don't need to spend too much in order to go to a trip. Cheap is the best but knowing that at least once in a while you have fun with your family out of town is what I always wanted to do. 

I have checked online employment but up to now there is still no luck. I do hope that whichever establishment that I applied with won't call until we got back from our visit in Philippines which is not until December of 2012. Way too far huh? So true we have to save money for a long vacation will me and my son since hubby can't stay in the exceeds allow visit time unless we decided to get him a visa. Which  by the way another money to spend. 

So after the trip in Philippines, why not visit England? I would really like to come and visit my friend who is soon to be moving there with her fiancĂ©. We can stay on log cabin breaks which I find very interesting. Let's cross our fingers for me and that plan soon.

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