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Me and my one year old!

After debating with myself to whether or not share a picture of me and my son here. I finally stand for my decision and here it is. Aside from me who loves to take pictures from the family, I don't have anyone to do it but set the camera in a timer.  

I can't see from the back of the camera, so I was estimating if I have a perfect length. Apparently not much. Out of 5 pictures I took this is a good one where me and him are in the center. 

He was 1 year old now and yes, he just can't stop moving and exploring things from one place to the other. That's fine at least he is enthusiast into new things and energetic. But sometimes being him like that makes me exhausted too. The joy of being a mother huh.. I just love it and couldn't wait for a sibling. 

Meanwhile, looking up for a villa rentals is my priority for now as my friend who plans to visit UK needs my help. TGIF everyone!!!


  1. hi Nova...super cute ng baby mo. Parang nagulat yata sya sa flash ng camera? He's so adorable! =)

  2. by the way, it's me Jean...ibang account ko lang gamit ko. =)

  3. Jean. thank you so much for the visit...

  4. the baby and the mommy are both cute:-) nice photo nov..


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