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Our clutter table

Due to the paper works and other important thing that I need to be accomplished this is what our dining table looks like. Plus, if you take a good look there are other stuffs on it like baby toys, chocolates and other goodies that my husband love to munch. We also put the miniature roses on it for my son loves to play everything he sees that he could reach. To be safe from my from the new plant the best way to put them is a place where our toddler couldn't reach it. 

There are times that everything is just on the table, I don't have a place to stock them. I don't like clutter table and hopefully that I'll be done with my paperworks pretty soon. 

It would be just like owning your website. The clean web design is what mostly bloggers/customers like. Something that they can understand and clean to the eyes of the viewers. 

I can't wait to clean the whole thing, so we can have a nice dining table once again. 

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