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My Virtual Garden

I don't really get any pictures from my virtual garden but I tell you this is what it is look like, except mine used all the pots and planted those nice and exotic plants. Some plants they have on this virtual garden is the kind of plants that I didn't know exists or seen here. Maybe they are real and they have this kind of plants however for now I have to get focus with my garden. 

Winter takes months and months before it is over. It doesn't mean that once Winter is over we can right way start planting outside. We have to make sure that the ground is ready for planting, make sure that at night it won't have any frost bites. 

I really love having garden with full of different flowers in it. Nevertheless, I can't do it on Winter Season and thanks to Virtual Garden it came true. It is just like you are planting the real flowers, they need to be water too. After your hard work, and once they are full grown, you can pick them, then make a bouquet out it. It is free too, you can send those made bouquet to your friends e-mails.

Although, I sucked in making a bouquet but at least I tried. So far, out of 4 people I sent flowers with only 2 replied back after asking them if they received something from me. Funny huh! but got to admit they might be busy to notice. 

However, it would be a great idea too if these gifted programmers will create a virtual carpentry where you can measure and Made to measure Vertical Blinds for a home decorations. Who knows it might be processing all we can do is to keep checking the FREE stuff online. 

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