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Miniature Roses

Another plant that I got lately is the miniature roses. I was really attracted with them at the store when we bought gift for my mother in law last Valentine's Day. Since hubby don't have any idea what to give to me for Valentine's Day [ I know he is lame] I decided to get them both instead. I was thinking with a chocolate but never expected about that anymore. I took one of each so that by Spring I'll be able to transfer them and put them beside our porch where we put lily flowers that never grow. It will be two years now and I will be surprise if they will grow, now that I plan of putting this gorgeous miniature roses there. 

I really hope that this plant will last and multiply. I really want to have a flowery place, although, I was kinda scared with the Bees that might be hanging out our place once they find out that we have lovely bloom flowers in the place. 

For now, I will get back looking for a nice logo design packages. We don't have any occasional dates to get ready and rush, however it would be nice to learn where you find them once you needed one.  

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