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Unripe jackfruit with coconut milk

One of the food that I am longing to eat since I move in the US. I never thought such canned ripe fruit will be available in Asian Store. Of course, I never think it will be possible until me and my friend when in it one day. 

It is not the first time I was there, infact it was the second time around. But I never notice the canned unripe jack fruit because I was overwhelmed with the place and I don't have my list of grocery so some of the items are forgotten. 

Anyways, when I saw it from my friend's house and asked her where she bought it. When we went into the Asian Store I make my list and make sure I won't forget a thing. Ask my sister how to cook it with coconut and so here it is. I am no longer longing for some of the Filipino Dishes because I can make some of it here with the help of alternative veggies to go with it. 

The only thing I am looking for now is to make sure I would know about pet friendly holidays. Or least knowing some of the details about this holidays that way I could share it with my friends who has pets on their own.


  1. hmmmmm looks so yummy nov..You're giving me an idea to do one but I don't have unripe jackfruit heheh I never seen one here ( oh!?I didn't look for it)

    Can you add my other blog pls?

    i don't know if you already have it but I just bought domain for that site..

    thanks nov..have a nice day

  2. check lang te lyn, kay wala ko kakita ana dati until my friend told me nga naa diay sa asian


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