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Can't stop from playing...

I will never admit myself that I get addicted of playing this online game. Well, it all started when my older sister told me to just accept request from this website game. So I could help her to finish some goals. I even go offline because I don't want to get involved and just keep surfing instead of playing more with my son. But she never stop from asking too. So, I have reasons to open my account everyday just to accept her request. Until one day, I told myself okay. I will just open and see what this game look like and from there. I never stop. I can control myself though and sometimes I realized that it helps me get connected with my family and friend who live faraway from me. Get to know what's going on with them and update even though we don't chat often. One thing that amaze me with my game is that you can actually build houses and design your own city. You can even put up a log cabin beside the river too. It is just how you build your own City. Interesting huh. I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. 


  1. ay! naadik sa city ville...hehehe.... stop it na!


  2. haha, i been addicted with that too before and it's one of the reason why I ignore my blogs. but now I had enough. I still open it but no more games :-)

  3. webbielady: kaya nga but it is fine... basta not too much lang...

    carolyn: glad i never did ignore my blogs... so meaning di pa jud ko super addict te lyn no... i can't afford to neglect my blogs eh...


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