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Me and my family were away for two days and a half to go to New York City. It is just a short trip for the family. The first time to have a getaway and at the same time, I have to renew my passport at Philippine Consulate. For some reason, one of their requirements is to be there in person when you renew or get a passport. If you want to go outside USA, and need a passport so bad, you don't have a choice but to be at the Philippine Consulate. 

It went well though. But it is really short that we won't be able to do everything in one day. Chaos' first plane ride and experience too. The whole trip went smoothly although it is not perfect. However, we definitely go back again and make sure that we visits those landmarks of New York City.

Glad when we got home from our trip. Nothing happens to our house. Others do have problem because when they get back they have to fix gutter cleaner or that. Due to some circumstances. 

I will flood this blog of pictures from our trip.

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