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Empire State Building Experience

This is one of the landmarks in New York City we came to see. The famous Empire State Building. We took the observatory deal cause it is much cheaper.  This is also my son and I visits the place. For my husband it was his second time around. It takes at least 5 minutes or so just to be at the Observatory place. It takes many floors to get there at the same time. 

We took pictures of the place as much as we can. There are so many tourist who came to see the place and to be at the very top of the building. You can actually see the whole Manhattan from there too. It was a very nice experience, of course glad that the weather is with us that day. 

Still inside the building on our way up to the Observatory

You can see the Statue of Liberty from there...

Too windy and chilly up there


  1. lucky that you were able to go to the top. i never been there yet and it's one of my wish hehehe.

  2. Hi Nova thanks for the visit... yes, I am back now.... see you again.. Ciao!

  3. gagiers: you should... it is pretty amazing out there.... i love it i want to see the very top too...


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