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Central Park New York

After we reached the Empire State Building and explore the City's landmark. We went directly to Central Park. Because I want to see the beauty of this Park. Although, I knew that I will never see the whole Park for it is very wide. At least we went to some spot where our feet could take us. I never get the chance to read about this statue behind them and what it is about. For my feet were sore already and I still want to make sure that I have enough energy to walk into the Park. 

We never wasted any time so we proceed to the park. Although, we don't see green and colorful flowers because it was just the start of Spring in the ground. The place was still perfectly amazing. There are people who jogs, walk and others just like to sit on the park and relax. 

We make sure we reach some of the part of the park and took pictures for memory. We also talked about what our friend cop told us about the license plates of New York. I am not pretty sure about the whole story but when I get the chance, I will ask my husband again and share it here. It is about why we change our license plates with those cherished number plates.

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