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Heading to Statue of Liberty

This is the Liberty Park, where you can ride on the Ferry to get to the Statue of Liberty. Although, they did stop tourist to get in the Liberty due to what happened with 9/11 for safety issue. Still we never get the chance to get into that Ferry boat. We get there late, it takes hours and hours to get there and back, which we don't have enough time. Lastly, we don't have tickets so we have to wait for these long line. 

We decided not to get there for now but next time we visit NYC again. The statue from where we stand were way too far. You can see the small statue even though we zoomed our cameras just to get a nearer shot. Took some pictures with it in our background. 

Never stayed there, for it is pretty much windy and I am worried about my son. It was a great experience, hoping next time we'll be able to be on that island to get a closer look of the Statue of Liberty. 

Went home and rest, while I have to go online and look for another landmark to visit while we are there. I nice ppc search engine marketing page suddenly gets in my attention and I start reading about it. It is pretty interesting.

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