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Concern about my Brother...

As I mentioned in my previous post that my younger brother was sent to Japan by his employer to work in their company. It was a dream come true for him and for all of us. At least, our little stinker has finally achieve his ambition to go to Japan. Plus, one thing he never spend any cents to get there because it was all paid by his employer. The allowance was given as well as the hotel where he will stay for months. 

I was afraid for him of what happened to Japan. I'm sure it is all over the news. Good thing when he finally reached us all. He mentioned that they were on the south part of Japan. And the tragedy was at the northeast portion. They were supposed to be sent home before the horrible calamity. However, it was extended. 

And due to the nuclear leak in the area, I guess it would be best for them to be sent home. Today, was his flight back to Philippines. Although, he would like to stay longer he would prefer to go home where it would be safer. Now, him and the rest of his Filipino co-workers are in the plane flying home. I am still not at peace knowing that I haven't got any of his text, I have to wait until they land at the Philippine Airport and hopefully he'll reach out to us to make sure he is home safe and sound. 

For now, I think searching about Virtual Outsourcing would helps my mind calm down from thinking about my brother, and wait until he send us all a text message saying he is in Philippines. 

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  1. good to know that your brother is send back home.


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