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My Dream Bedroom Setting...

I can't wait to move to a bigger place. Where I can pick and develop our house. I was dreaming of this nice and comfy bedroom that you can see in this picture. It looks so spacious, I am sure that I can stay in this bedroom for the whole day. 

Although, it would not be easy for us especially getting a nicer Bedroom Furniture for the us and for our kids. I would be much better if I have work too. It will be easier for me and hubby to paid off the mortgage in the house we are living and buy a bigger one. As our family is expanding. I will keep this in mind and on this post. That way, when we are able to move. All I can do is, browse back here and make sure I have this model in our home. 


  1. i love this I wish our bedroom is like this too:-)this is so big and the furniture are very elegant:-)

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    sis, ganda ganda very refreshing ito

  3. carolyn: uu i love it that's why i'm going back here to check this design once we have our bedroom renovation....

    Avee: i love it too...


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