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Haven't you forgotten to adjust your clock today? We have our daylight time saving and yes, for all of us who live in the US. An hour behind from the previous time. In order for us to enjoy and spend more time with Mr. Sunny during the next Seasons. Sometimes, it is not good for our kids who are not used to it. We sometimes messed up their body clock too. However, we can't do nothing but just to follow it.


  1. OO pla you have a daily time saving setting na inaadjust bago mag summer ba? please correct me po if I'm wrong. hehe

  2. Yen: good thing is that the digital clocks can be set into DST para di na magsige adjust when it comes. But if you have analog clocks it'll be manual all the time... lol

    you are so write... we have to adjust the time to enjoy the summer and we have more time/ sunny day than night...


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