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The snow is back again, after a day or two that it was melted. Sunny days makes it melts and everyone is excited to see the green green grass all over. Last night, we have rain. It says on the weather report that it will snow a little. When we woke up this morning those empty spots on the ground was again covered with snows. What a bummer. In just one night all the melted snows will comes back. 

I am pretty much sure that since the snow is back I won't be able to find the RJ45 Cable that I will be using for outdoor connection.  


  1. same thing here nov. we thought that we don't have much snow this winter but we were all wrong. 2 weeks ago, we already see the grass but just 1 day of snow, everything were covered. we had 60 inches of snow in just a daw. Yesterday was snowing hard also. ang snow sa among front yard kay nakatunga na sa among windaw hehhe. But it's raining today and I hope snow will melt..

  2. Not cool huh! I aM really looking forward for the spring here in the Netherlands...


  3. gagiers: lagi oi..makasapot jud... i guess, we just have to wait til the final spring season begins...

    webbielady: i guess everyone is looking forward to the next season...


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