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got hospitalized...

One of the important person in my husband's clan were admitted to the hospital for dehydration. She's just way too old and she need to be taken care off. She was there for at least 5 days to make sure that she'll be healthy again before they release her. However, things need to be taken action with. They have to make a big decision to whether or not let her live at her home by herself. It will not be a good idea for her health. 

We visits her often when she was in the hospital and it gives me hard time seeing her like that. She's way too confuse and I felt sorry about what is going on. If we only have a bigger house were she can stay with us. I will never hesitate to tell my husband's family that she can stay with us. 

She has been taking care of herself for all this years since her husband passed away a very long time ago. Glad that she never destroy her health when she was on her younger age because now she is still with us. It would be nice to get a herbal supplement. Glad to know that the Herbalife Presidents Team have an awesome kind of herbal life medicines to give us supplements and vitamins organic.

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