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Getting my nails done

Okay, I am making my toes and nails today, for I don't have babysitting. It was months since I make them and now that I am back of not wearing socks everyday. I guess getting your nails and toes done is necessary. I have few nail polish but I would like to buy more. That way I have more options of it. 

While I was doing it, I have notice that our sink got stock. Hubby's not home and I need to do something about it so I could wash our dishes. This is really making me mad for I don't like to deal with it. 

I was venting and wanting to buy a new one. Replace it with a nice Copper Sink color. Getting a new Copper Sinks, is a great idea. But the question is? Is it a very important to do? Or should be patient and make sure that fix the sink then get over with.

After pausing for a minute, I have fix the sink and I am back to making my nails again.

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