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Just bored...

While looking at the Patio Heaters pictures at my husband's facebook. I got so bored that I have no choice but to look at pictures from people I don't know. It is Friday, but it seems that day was so long. I have nothing to do. My son is napping for 2 hours now and I don't want to wake him up or I will face the consequences. I am here on the computer, if not reading playing games or if I am way too bored I will go to a website where I can take a look at my friend's pictures. I would like to make dinner early, however I don't have chicken store in the refrigerator. We are going to the store once hubby is home so we can fill up our refrigerator and other stuff. I can't eat after 6pm for I choose to stick with that diet. Just way too bored and hopefully hubby will be home so at least I have someone to talk too.

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