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Desktop Troubleshooting

While I was troubleshooting my hubby's desktop. Waiting while desktop is restarting I got the chance to at least surf with my laptop regarding how to seek for a nice cottages rent So, even though it really annoys me to keep waiting for the computer to reboot at least I have a good time looking at this nice cottages. 

Who knows, I might tell my husband what I have been doing while troubleshooting his desktop. After an hour of fixing some software errors, I have finally fixed it. 

Now, he can use the desktop as smooth as it was.


  1. sissss, got my argentina from PI, padala ng bff ko umuwi kasi si hubby dun for work. hay solve na ako sobra.

  2. pag ganito naman ang computer technician ay naku kawawa ang customer babasagin ang screen ng monitor.

  3. avee: hehehe sinabi mo pa sis...lucky you sis ako nito ewan kelan pa makakatikim ulit...


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