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Raining then Snow again...

That is what our weather here lately. We have rain for at least 3 days in a row. Then the snow starts to melt. But all of a sudden in just one day, not even the whole day. Usually it starts at night, snows starts falling. Then when you wake up in the morning you can see the empty spots were covered with snows again. Not just an inch however, it sometimes goes up to a foot of snow overnight. What a bummer huh!!! I know, I just hope that no more snows since Spring is fast approaching. 

Hubby told me that we are still lucky because we don't have snows the whole year. I was thinking about those the norfolk broads, they have mostly snows in the area. I guess we are still lucky that we have sun and warm weather then those who really don't have any at all.


  1. same here nov..we have lots of snow now.last week, the snow infront of our house were only 1 foot high but just with the snow today, it goes up to our window..

    well, we have to accept this because we choose to live here hehhe infact, i love snow and i love winter hehe

  2. gagiers: acceptance is what we need my dear, so true because we choice to live in a place where four season common....


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