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I have some options

We don't have enough Computer stores in our area, so if I don't see that specifications that we need for the new desktop. I prefer to look online too. That's my other option of looking more deals and specifications that would not cost us too much. We have budget but not over board for a desktop too. I have to make sure it has included some of the important Accessories to it. I don't want to pay too much for just a tower or CPU as mostly called it. There are certain brands that I rely too, I have to go for the durability and make sure it will last. However, it will matter to the user too. As long as if they don't download and go to website that is not protected the software will be safe. Like for instance Acer is one of the bet computer we have. I have to wait for the financier and the go signal before buying it online. It is really nice to have so many options, like browsing online if you don't have enough stuff in the store near you.

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