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A Walk with Shelly

This morning, I never thought my parcel from the website I bought will come. So, I never expect the mailman is knocking our door. For the very first time, I never heard it so I missed the parcel. Glad that Shelly have the car and so she drove me to the post office so I could request for a redelivery of the item. I was going to do it online but I have to check my system tool 2011, as the reminder of my windows security alert alerted. I got to fix it before trojan fake alert pops out and now I will get confused on what I have done with my laptop. It did happened to me before that's why I got my hardware replaced. 

Moreover, it supposed to be my son's walking too, but since he is way too distracted with the cars and overwhelmed with the things around him. I end up carrying him and walked 6 blocks back and forth to the car. Climbed on a stairs back and forth. So pretty much we have a very nice walking exercise with Shelly, Madi, my son and me. 

We will be doing around 3pm after my son wakes up from a nap. Don't want to walk with a cranky baby with you or you will not enjoy it. 


  1. Walking is a good exercise nov. I want to go for a walk but I don't like walking alone hehhe if hubby feels for it, we walk and sometimes I walk with my bestfriend.

    About your question "what camera i'm using", I'm using Nikon D5000 nov.mao tawn ni remembrance nako sa akong work before. Hubby influence me. He's a Nikon user too.

  2. Thanks a lot te, i'll check into it... kay i want a nice camera kay i love taking pictures... it might take a year as long as i bought it with the money i save kay don't want to rely...

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