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At Radio City

Making sure that we have enjoyed our short vacation in New York City. And to stop and see some of the famous establishments that we often sees in Movies. One of them is this place right behind me and hubby. I know, it wasn't a perfect getaway because it was drizzling. However, we manage ourselves to be warm enough. Plus walking to that big city isn't easy. I have noticed too that everyone is super busy. You can't even tell if whether this person is a tourist or a resident of that City. 

We don't want to upset these people passes us by, because this establishment is beside the road. We make sure we have a nice spot to stand and capture the said building. We don't want trouble, so we make sure we will not be on someone's way. 

It is pretty hard if a random person would just suit you and you'll end up facing a depakote lawsuit or something like that.

Anyways, I've got some pictures below from that famous establishment. 


  1. You look great Ate, I love this photo taken beside your hubby,Ah, so sweet.I really love it. "The lovely couple in the big city" hehe.

  2. That's so cool Novs! I have never been to states yet.... maybe in 2 years time andnew york is really a "must see". :)


  3. Yen: thank you much, sana magtuloy2 na i'll look great..hehehe

    Webbielady: you should've because it's worth it....


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