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Our talks, clothes and with a comfortable chair...

It is not as clear as I used to take pictures, it's because I took this from the original cover. We haven't used it until the other day when we got invited to a barbeque from one of my husband's friend. We didn't know if that gathering has got to do with his friends mom. They had this small farewell barbeque for she's going back to Arizona.

The said barbeque didn't last that long and we are by ourselves. We sit for awhile on this comfy chair and the conversations begun. 

We were talking randomly until we came to the point of talking about what would be best for our kids in the future. We have serious chats and plans as well as trying the concept of going back to school. I mentioned about taking a nursing course or something similar to that course. And just imagining those nice hot pink scrubs that I see from the nurses off duty/on duty at the hospital makes me want to try. Buying your medical student lab coats is not a hard thing to do now. Because there are so many sales you can buy them. Like the scrubs on sale from a very nice designer and store.

I know it is not that simple and quick but someday we can all invest our money into this course. Something that will never be rotten, the education will never be taken away from you and you can always get a job once you move to a different location. Talking about this plans is such a great idea. I do hope someday, it'll all come true.


  1. yes its why i invest in gold jewelries sis

  2. Oh yeah, we have one similar to this and we used it in our backyard or when we are having picnic. Thanks for sharing Nova
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  3. @Imelda: I will also do the same thing...

    @Ester: Finally we have those chairs and its pretty much comfy diba...

  4. Anonymous1:54 PM

    sis padaan

  5. prinsesang sutil: keep coming back sis...hehehe


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