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Dinuguan "Pig's Blood"

One of the favorite dishes I missed back in my homeland is this food called "Dinuguan" or commonly known that has pig's blood in it. This time I am not sure if there is actually a pig's blood in it because here in USA, it is rare to fine such fresh one. I don't think my friend who made this will also include it in her ingredients knowing we don't know where it is coming from.

When I saw this at my friend's daughter's birthday party. I never hesitate to eat this and only focus eating only this dish. I was hoping that it won't gone so I could bring home, lucky enough I got some home. 

Here it is, to share to my viewers how interesting Filipino dish are. Before I forget what's in it was only pork, some peppers and I think some food coloring. It was pretty good food and I can't wait to eat this next time we have a party to attend too. 

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  1. hi Nova, been a long time since I was here, sorry, will try my best to be here more often since I am no longer in FB :) anyway, I love pork dinugu-an too, they actually sell some frozen pork blood in Asian supermarket, but over here, since there are lots of Asian, even American supermarkets compete with Asian supermarket, so, yes, there is pork blood even in American supermarket here :)

  2. I like dinuguan,too pero depende sa nagluluto.

  3. @Betchai: welcome back, i'm glad for u to be here again, that means i'll be reading more updates from you longer in FB? why? so i guess that is a pig's blood then huh!!! i have no clue, i guess i wasn't paying too much attention when i visited the asian supermarket...

    @Mayet: that is one of my fave ever!!!


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