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Cutie Squirrel

Just want to share this adorable squirrel at the park who happen to get closer to us. My friend's daughter who happened to capture the said activity. Everyone was amazed when it came closer to us. Of course I was afraid for my son, for it might jump over him and give him a scratched. We don't know what this animals has and plus the rabis they have. 

It stayed for awhile and loves to sniffs. We have some crackers in our back so maybe it smells the food inside our bag. It was so nice to remembering this moment. It is rare that animals comes to you and not harming you at all.

It came out from nowhere...

Sniffing hubby's hoodie

My son has no clue about the tiny cutie animal...

It was a very long day for the four of us. We got so hungry that we want to eat a bunch of food. It was supposed to be a dinner with friends where we stayed in. Sit on their nice Dinner Sets at home. But I never hesitate to eat outside, a place where I have to wait to go and eat until we come back in NYC again. It's the famous resto in Philippines called Jollibee. 


  1. hahahha so not afraid of a squirrel but I don't want to touch them hehehe

  2. super talaga...i wasn't but knowing the rabis my dear....

  3. they are wild animals sis.. they cant be trusted specially those who are used to with people, coz theres a chance they will attack u. =) pero ang cute ha!
    by the way i tagged u here.. Just Between U and Us

  4. Emzkie: mao lagi sis, nakulbaan ko para sa akong anak...kay basin muambak niya ba...


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