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Time Square New York

After dealing the whole Philippines Consulate, we proceed to visit the landmarks in NYC. We went walking to this famous Madison Time Square. I've seen where the ball drop during New Years Day. That big screen TV where we can see at the movies. I tell you the whole place is huge. More tall buildings and of course busier than ever. We stroll for a while, and I make sure that I captured pictures of this place. If it weren't that cold, we could have walk further. 

I was cold and my feet were so tired from walking. I can't even walk properly because it's a mixture or cold and tired. Hubby still wants to walk more, but I was grumpy enough to deal with being tired. 

One thing, I never like is having so many people on the street walking. That's what big cities are for. Having so many populations. We stop for awhile to some place and take a look around. I've seen nice carpet for home. I was also imagining that it would be a great Carpet replacement at home. But I wonder how much would each cost. I don't want to know. 

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