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Driving Practice is like eating diet foods

After a long Winter we have I finally get the chance to practice driving again. I have to make sure that the mirrors is in my level for I have a very tall husband. So adjustment is necessary. What's with the pillow behind me? That supports my back because the seat don't move enough. Now, it is different, I don't use that huge pillow anymore itnstead we have this smaller one. I have to make sure I am comfy with my seat and easy to look into my rear and side mirrors. 

I guess, practice driving is just like eating a diet foods. You have to me cautious into everything. People will be mad at you if you drive pretty slow on the road. We don't have those big signs that you can put on your car that says I am still learning. Plus, it is not a good thing too learn driving too if you use the busy road. 

What we did, is we went to the back roads first. That way there are less cars passing by and less traffic. But now, I am glad I am confident enough to use some of the city roads and my tutor he is getting more confident with me too. I know I still have more turning  to master but I don't get it right away if I don't practice often right? I learn driving as ofter as we can. That way I will never lose my confident on the road. 

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  1. We always have to practice in order to condition our body. Yes your right. It's like having your diet.


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