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I am glad to find a new true friends here in US. It is true, that it's rare to find them nowadays. I guess, I am one of those lucky person who found some. Be grateful that they will share their Homemade Filipino Food with you. 

Which for example some of the foods I miss was this Siopao, basically its a stuffing of ground chicken or pork or beef with some saute seasonings. I never thought I could eat one aside from buying at the Asian Store. But here it is, made by my good friend. I steamed it and I am definitely starving to munched it.

I do admire those people who have talent in making good dish. I tried so hard but I sometimes fail when it comes to the perfect taste. However, I never give up I always make sure that the first time will always be a trial and error. So whether or not, I have mastered the first time I never give up.

Ready to eaten...

It is just like a person who have skills in games. They have the talent to play good no matter what and what would be the concept of the game. There are so many skill games that these skilled people can play with online. Online games is so much fun, especially when you don't have so much things to do after work. I used to play online when I have nothing else to do it takes my boredom away.  Check these out, you might want to play the games they have. 


  1. oh, I miss siopao too, we have a lot here at Filipino restos, but somehow I could not find something that tastes like my favorite siopao back home, I wish I can make it too. wish i can taste that siopao :) yum yum!!

  2. so so true nothing beats the taste of the original Filipino Dishes


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