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New Things...

I didn't bought these things today, however I bought these a month ago. I couldn't find something from our NYC trip because there were too many to choose from. Instead here it is, some that I bought on our way back home. I recently used both items and I am loving both of them. 

At first, I was so hesitant to change the old Lacoste wallet I have. For I am using it since I was still working way back home. I love the black purse, but I guess it is not bad that sometimes we need to change the items we over use. I will be missing the old black purse but I am loving the color and design of my new one. 

It is just like when you are looking for a software copy protection. It is time to look for a newer one that could have all what you are looking for in order to protect your computer. I don't blame those people who live to hacked other  computer. Nevertheless, it is against the law. If you have the important files to get protected don't even hesitate to get a software protection. Go and check it from here

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