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Happy Easter Sunday

The day has finally come for us to celebrate the rise of Christ. That is why we celebrate this Easter Sunday. What are your plans for today? My family are going to my mother in law's house to have an early dinner which probably starts around 2 in the afternoon. Aside from that, I have no clue on what's going to happen or activity next. I do hope they'll have egg hunt inside the house, for they can't use the spacious background due to the overflowing river. 

I made "biko" [sweet sticky rice] and chicken curry. I know this is the common dish I always make because I have no clue of whether they like it or not if I do introduce another dish. The important here is I know they will eat those foods and hopefully they'll enjoy it too. I might as well bring some of the wines we have at home to share so I will put that in a wine cases so I won't forget.

Again, Happy Easter Everyone and I do hope you have so much fun!


  1. Happy easter! I was smiling with yourphilosophy regarding your dish. As long as they like it, no worries. Keep up the good cooking!

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  2. happy Easter Nova. I love biko and chicken curry, hopefully, they enjoyed it too.

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    sis, happy Easter. we stayed at home and had a lazy Sunday.

  4. Frau: Happy Easter, they love it, i never thought they get tired to eat them but i was wrong...

    Betchai: Happy Easter as well, they did dear, I'm glad that they did...

    Prinsesang sutil: Happy Easter sis, I would rather stay too but since my hubby's family is near, don't want them to think i'm not participating and would like to hang out with them, but over all we have fun


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