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All Setup

After an hour of working on my husband's new desktop. I have to make sure that everything is ready for him. So from unpacking and to cleaning the computer desk is what I did the whole afternoon. Now, everything is ready and he will definitely enjoy the fast processor we have. 

I don't have problem when it comes to computer because I have experiences with them. How to troubleshoot software and of course the hardware parts. Although, I have to consult some important information online. I need to do that because, I haven't been doing this for quite sometimes. Besides, it is better that you are sure than being regretful because you don't double check.

Anyways, setting up a computer is also like a comparison of handling responsibilities with your kids. If you don't have any resources on how or what to do with your kids. Surfing online would be a definitely way. I am sure there are so many website regarding resources for parents. Especially to those first-timer parents, and those parents who are way too far, that when you need to seek advices it will take awhile before they can help you. So, if you can't wait and would like to know what's best, go online and read.

Making sure that I have everything setup before the hubby starts using it.


  1. New new new! That's so cool! Wnjoy more surfing and blogging..SUch as techie wifey you are Nova!


  2. webbielady: thank you girl, glad i had a background i don't need a technician and pay them a lot of money


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