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We need sunshine here

It was a beautiful Spring we have last week. But everything went all gone when the next week came. I was referring this week. I enjoyed the outdoor because I can do more like gardening, cleaning our yard and at least make sure the driveway is less weeds. However, Mr. Rain loves to pours on us. I mean, we don't need that for awhile and I guess Mrs. Sunshine is what we need in order to grow fruits, vegetables and also the flowers we plan to plant. It was really a frustrating week for me because I have not done anything outside. Everything is pending, I do hope this raining for now will settle down. I need some kind of gift to relieve. I am just kidding, but if someone who knows me would like to give me some, I will glad to have it.


  1. Same thing here sis..we had 1 week full of sun and another full rainy week. This week is suppose to be a rainy week but yesterday and today are both sunny day.I hope next week will be warm and sunny. I'm not done with my garden yet and I miss walking in the bike trail and take photos.

    well, goodluck to both of us :-)

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    One of the reasons we are moving is to get some sunshine! The weather is unpredictable here in San Fran, so funny how warn in the other city and suddenly after 5 minutes it's cold.


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