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Did you Really make that Fish?

That was the words from my husband early in the morning, after I cooked the dried fish. He possibly smelled the stinky dried fish. It didn't bothered me, in fact I even more like it. I miss those kind of smell at home in Gensan. That was the smell of breakfast at home which I am looking for. Not all the time, however sometimes is not bad. I put at least two pieces of dried fish with his rice for his lunch. I have to make sure I opened some of the windows and light up a candle in order to help the smell clear. It might take awhile though. I enjoyed the good food once again, and my diet were ruined again. That's fine, as long as my tummy is satisfied and I am down one to the craving list I made. I bought it at the Asian store in Buffalo, it is a little bit expensive, nevertheless buying food sometimes doesn't hurt your savings right? I hope so. Because if it is then I might as well join Call Me Widget. It is a pay-per-click page that will make you earn extra. You want to know how? Check it here.

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