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New Desktop

The day has finally come for the package I am waiting in the mail. That Thursday, was the day I never go babysitting in order to received  this package. And I am glad I did because even though this isn't my thing, I am still excited to open what's inside the box. Though, I know what are those still the feeling of opening a package is really statics. 

I choose Dell, because I was looking for the durability of the electronics. There were so many brands to choose from, however I have my laptop purchased a year ago from them and yet after the one trouble I have got, knock on the wood I never have any more problem. Of course, nothing's perfect and I have one year warranty from them so I have to take the advantage of that. 

I was really happy when I opened the back and set it up that way, when hubby gets home from work. All he can do is to play, and browse the computer without waiting for long. Now he can do document scanning services if he wants too for this computer has a nice processor, which never bothers your other work. It can multi-task and that's what I love the most. 


  1. Wow ate happy new desktop. hoohoo!
    For me, mas okay pa din ang desktop for heavy use. But I would like to have notebook also, for easy use when travelling. :-)

  2. Yen: notebook is more handy you can bring it anywhere...i do have a notebook from dell, but when you say notebook its not only that it is small kay di talaga small intong sa akin

  3. Wow Nova! New stuff are always cool.Enjoy the new purchase.

    Webbielady's Places

  4. Congratulations with the new desktop... You sound like an expert in computers....

    Frau Bloggerin

  5. hope you enjoy your new desktop Nova, have fun with it. have a good weekend.

  6. webbielady: thank you, so exciting to get new stuff in the mail diba..

    Frau bloggerin: yup, i had background with computers so i don't have problems with

    betchai: oh i sometimes, sneak and use the bigger screen when i play fb


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