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Vincent is Dead

I was watching this famous Bones Tv Series on Fox Channel. And last weeks episode just crashed my heart. In order to have a wonderful Series, someone has to go. And this someone, is the guy that I used to like in the said series. I was really crying while watching the scene where he was shot, right straight through his heart and even have last words like: Please don't let me go, I like it here. Please don't make me leave. Although, this is just a fiction I was really emotionally hurt when he died. My tears was keep falling because I was really sad when he has to say those words in the scene. One thing that I have notice is the nice Floor Tiles they have in their Laboratory. In fairness, when he was laying down it also caught my attention. Oh my! I don't know but I am still a bit sad until now. I guess, I was too attached with the episodes and to each characters that I am feeling this way.


  1. That's sad.... and why he died in the lab itself? That's interesting... he's the young genius who's about to graduate? The chubby faced guy? I have only 2 DVD's of Bones here with me so I amnot very familiar....

    Frau Bloggerin

  2. Frau: he comes and go to every episode he is one of Brennan's assistant lab... he was the English guy..i guess the one you mention was Zac...


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