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Mother in Law's Flowers

While visiting my Mother in law's place one day, one thing that caught my attention was this flowers beside her house. They were really purple and many, so I never hesitate to get closer then took pictures as a souvenir. I don't remember the exact name of the flowers, however it really is getting more attention because they were not only growing so fast they were also many as you can see.

I remembered last year, my Mother in law gave me the same kind of plant, so I could have some and I did put it in a pot. However, due to a winter season, I have to put them inside the house. It didn't grow much but it is still alive. I was thinking to put that flower on the ground just like this, now that it is planting season. And hopefully it will reproduce by itself, just like this. It is a perennial kind, for it grows back every year. I am not sure how long do the flowers last, since I haven't got the chance to visit the house lately. 

I might check, if these flowers were still there, that means it is a good idea to put them in front of our house for the flowers last and it would be lovely to look at. We will see. 

Bed of the purple flowers

This is the closest picture I can get...

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  1. oh, those are very beautiful flowers Nova, wish I can grow them here too, really beautiful.

    PS....I went back to FB again and created a new account, I know crazy me :)

  2. Indeed an article worth reading for. Great choice of topic and the content are brief and concrete. It really help my research.

  3. yeah,we willall get old anyway....

  4. I have the same flowers in my backyard FIL planted it before he's getting more and more every year and they occupied more space..I took out some last year because I find it too much..but this is a lovely flower though. They bloom the whole summer.


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