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Planning for more

I Need A Website, and this time it would be newer. I want to create and share about motherhood. I have at least two other blog but they were not the perfect blog for sharing how motherhood experience and what amazing to be a mother. 

There are so many obstacles in life that we as mother have to pass. Not only with our children's relationship, but also to our partners. How to deal with everyday life, and how to make it not routinely that could create boredom with your kid/s. 

Sometimes, we also want to be by ourself but that is just part of being a human  being. Sometimes, we need to clear our heads and in order that to happen you have to be at least in a place or room where no one but you. As a mother, there are so many things you need to do to have a harmonious family. Also it will never going to happen if your partner and kids won't cooperate. Respect and Love should be on top of each other. I am glad that I have both with my family and will never ever change it for anything else. 

So, those are the reasons I need a website. I have to make sure I can afford too since I don't have a proper work and earn proper salary too. 


  1. go na girl! its nice to share our experiences being a mother. we also learn a lot from it and inspires us to be a good parent. =)

    A SAHM
    Just Between U and Us

  2. wishing you well on getting a new website Nova, I only pay $10 a year for my blog's domain, but then the blog earns more than that each month so I believe you would be able to afford it. yes, motherhood is very challenging.

  3. emzkie: i was going to but i don't want to blurt out to the world about my private life... i am still thinking about it though, thanks for the motivation...

    betchai: so true, i can totally pay off the whole year domain if i make it both paid and sharing... but we will see... thanks for the convince...

  4. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Sisss, hahaha I going to buy my DSLR this week more or less I will settle for Canon rebel t3. I will buy it online tax free and free shipping.

  5. Go ate, I would be your first follower on your new site, keep me updated. :-)


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