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Wonderful moon

It was one Sunday Evening when me and hubby noticed the wonder of the moon. Since our sky here is full of clouds in the last months it was really an awesome feeling to see the clear sky and the big moon. And I guess, no matter how zoomed I did with my Digital Camera that is the closest it captures the moon. Still, it looked small, however when you actually outside and watching it, it looks bigger than I thought. 

Anyways, in order to get a remembrance from that night. We stopped by at least twice and while at the side of the road heading home, I did my best to get the best shot. And here it is. I guess, it is time for me to upgrade my digital camera huh. I was planning to do that, nevertheless I have to save first that way it would be my own money to spend the upgrade. 

Different angle and place. It didn't look different than I thought. Someday, when I have the upgrade camera I could do more photography and who knows when I have the experience I could be discover with my work. And from that, my work will be seen to this famous art of victoria art galleries. Or be known by Keith Hiscock as well as Myfanwy Pavelic. They have pretty much nice work. Who knows!

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