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When it starts to get warmer

In the past months we hardly experience a warm weather. It could either be snowing or raining. We are tired with that. I think there are other parts of earth that needs those cold weather more than we do. Inspite of that, we are still thankful for not having earthquake, tornado or tsunami. One thing that I don't like here that is not bad is when it rains it pours then here comes the lightning and thunderstorm that you think it is the end of the world. Pretty loud that scares you to listen. I wasn't used to it because our thunderstorms and lightning isn't was loud as we have here. 

I was checking our weather for today and for the rest of the week. I am glad that it starts to kick into 60s. I do hope that it will continue that way, me and my son could walk on our way to the house where we babysits. I need to sweat at least before Fall comes again. We already have a pretty long winter/cold weather, I think it is not bad if we ask for a warmer one. 

I am sure it is not just me but the whole city would love to experience a warmer week. We better make sure we are ready for warmer huh and double check that our Air Conditioning at home works properly before Mother Nature decides to give us more warmer weather. If not, and if you need a repair to your AC I know the best place to inquire. Just go online and check out Miami AC repair. They have an awesome AC repair services you name it they can handle it. What you can do for now is to assure that you are also ready for Summer that nice warm weather we are longing for. 

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