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Adobong Pusit [Saute Squid]

With lots of onions, garlic and ginger plus soy sauce and a little bit of vinegar that makes it Adobong Pusit. I rarely eat this seafood because the price here is outrageous. One thing of living in a city where you are way far from the sea. Seafoods is very pricey.  

When I saw these at Wegman's Store I never hesitate to buy at least a pound just to eat and let my son have a good taste of squid. I have a dried squid that I can't wait to cook, however eating a fresh squid is the best thing. One of the things, I truly miss back in my homeland is the fresh seafoods, fresh veggies and fresh fruits. We hardly have fresh here especially during Winter Season, everything is from a different state. That is why, as much as I can and I can afford to buy I will really do it. It will not be often but seldom. I think that won't hurt my pocket huh. So here you go, a peek of the Adobong Pusit that I made. 

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  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    sis eto ang mga site na pwede mong bilhan

  2. i agree with you Nova, though I love dried squid too, but fresh quid is the best thing! glad you had a chance to make adobong pusit, one of my favorites, i just love sea foods!


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