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Waiting to come

Last Monday, I made a phone call to a recommend roof contractor by my friend. I never get a hold of the person so I left a message. Never returned my call on that day, but he did the next day. Mentioned about an appointment with us to see the roof and hoping we can get a free quote from him so we would have an idea on how much would it cost us to replace the roof on our house and on the garage. I never went to my babysitting schedule just to wait for the person. Unfortunately, when he mentioned afternoon the time he called and without mentioning what time he will be  coming, I assume it is a 50-50 situation whether or not he is coming to check. The day end and no roof contractor came. At least I was productive yesterday from the overwhelming electronics I received in the mail. I never wasted the time, but my extra income is. Nevertheless, I am not sure when will he comes again. Or will he ever come and check? Because if not we can find another roof contractor to look up the roof and proceed to with getting a Shutters before winter comes. I know it will not be until November or December but the earlier to do the job the better. That way, we wouldn't worry about the leak it causes upstairs. 

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