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Happy Mother's Day

Half part of the World has already celebrating Mother's Day. A once a year event to celebrate for all the Mother's in the world. Every single store nearby must be crazy busy because of the said event. Sales here, there and mostly all the stores. I don't blame these businesses for that is one of the event they can get more sell. Some would prefer flowers and chocolate just like the old fashion ways. Others might want a high-tech version of receiving gifts from their beloved one. Mostly might be a datastoragesolutions where mostly mothers love to get so they have a high data storage of the pictures and videos they capture from their kids and events. I will be super happy if I get one. For now, I must think of saving for I don't work and there are certain things to prioritize.

Just want to greet every Mother in the World a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY... to my Mother, Sisters, Mother in law and Sisters in law. You know that words aren't enough to express how honored I am to be part of your lives. Love you always.


  1. happy mother's day to you nov...

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

    sis I bought the Nikond3100, kasi mas okay ang video nya and ang mp is 14mp

  3. That's true, i Know that mother's day there in theUS is such a huge event and hasmorebusiness impact more than anywhere else in the world...

    Filipa Ini

  4. Happy Mother's Day Nova, may you have a wonderful one and will have beautiful day tomorrow to enjoy mother's day with your family.

  5. Nova it's your day! Happy mother's day. How was the treat with sonny and hubby in New York? :=) Excited for your next post...


  6. thank you everyone.. I really appreciate your greetings...


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