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A Space for me

I love the new space I have in one small corner in our dining room. It took almost a year now before I came up with this changes. I used to put my laptop on our dining table. And there are times that it's bothering me to look at it because I have to clean the whole table every time we are eating our dinner. We have other stuffs on this spot that we never used at all. So instead of keeping them there why not put it on the basement so I can used this space. I am glad I did because our dining table now is way better than before. I tried to clean it up as much as possible. No more papers laying on it. 

I have a wireless connection to the internet thanks to our powerful ethernet cable it never bothers me or my husband to hook my connection online. 

Now, I am loving to see the big improvement in our house and hopefully more to come. 

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