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Saute Sardines

I used to eat this sauted sardines when I was still in Philippines. It is the least of my favorite food but sometimes due to financial matters we have to save money and eat something that will fill our stomach. When I grew up, I can choose not to eat these food anymore because I don't like the scales on the sardines plus those tiny bones that mostly told me you can eat them because they are pretty much tender. Not to me, I get choked on a tiny bones or for some weird reason I will really notice it. 

But today, things are different. Since I don't use to eat them and I am kind of missing the Filipino dishes. I make one, I love it because I can choose the sardines that don't have much scales. I put tons of onions and garlic and saute it. I love it and again I ruined my diet. But it is something you don't eat everyday. Again once more my cravings were filled out. 

I could continue researching about nitro rc cars now that I have a stuffed stomach.

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  1. oh, I love sardines Nova, and the way you made it is also very healthy. And sardines is healthy, very rich in Omega-3, rich in good protein. hope you have a good weekend.


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