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Couldn't Settle

If you've been here lately, you have noticed that my template couldn't be settle for one whole week. Reasons, is that whenever I choose one it only takes a day or two for the layout to be intact. The next thing you know, your blog is falling apart because there is no permanent template. I know it is just free and I would prefer to get a simpler one than reading codecs and templates. In order for me to get one template that will never get ruined I should do it myself, but when should I make one when all my time is occupied by facebook games and my son. It is just like a reclaimed wood, I have to make sure that hubby will be able to get the best tile, wood or carpet in the house we planned to move in. It might take awhile for the renovation to be settle at least when you know that the wood was fix it will never comes out unless it is rotten. Not like this blog.


  1. sorry about the template Nova, hope you'll be able to find one that best fit you :) haha, I am distracted in FB too :)

  2. ohhh, i also want to change my blog templates kaya di ako makagawa ng blog layout cos am onlu using my netbook


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